Happy Halloween

October 31, 2016 - 7:34pm -- swingbug

And yet, busy or not, somehow it all comes together.

Halloween is here, it's rainy and the kids are running around full of glee and sugar anyway, and I'm writing this in snatches between jumping up to answer the door. A three-year old dressed as some kind of donkey policeman (anybody know what that is? I've seen three of them tonight) was so pleased at the ghosts projected on the wall of my porch that he nearly fell over pointing and laughing at them.

Batgirls and Supergirls abound. And I saw one kid today dressed as a toilet, expecting you to throw the candy into his bowl. Clever. (And also eew, but in a festive sort of way.)

I won the pumpkin carving contest at the office. I suspect that, despite the large handfuls of candy I'm doling out to the hoards of goblins at the door, we'll still have ungodly amounts of chocolate in this house tomorrow. And the cat is hiding under his favorite chair and refusing to come out until we start acting normally again.

So Happy Halloween from us to you. May your days be scary and bright.

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