Trust the Process

December 27, 2013 - 9:48pm -- swingbug

So our days were merry and bright. I hope yours were too. Santa made his appearance, and tracked some boot prints all over the hearth. The cat added wrapping paper to his list of favorite things, along with the big water bowl under the tree which is dangling with a multitude of cat toys. My seven-year-old has been a pretty good boy this year, but seemed to get the idea that volunteering to do the dishes Christmas Eve might sweeten the pot just a little.

If anyone out there is searching for the perfect gift for a six or seven-year-old for some special or dignified occasion, the one that won the popularity award this year was a whoopie cushion. And boy, is it the gift that keeps on giving...

We drove the holiday gauntlet though the Bay Area and got caught in the appropriate amount of holiday stop-and-go traffic. We ate several fine Christmas dinners and visited with family in person and via video chat, while trading texts with friends back home.

I finished and blocked my deadline knitting in time, and it even dried enough so that it wasn't still soggy when I nestled it in the wrapping. And then today I finished up a Christmas elf hat I started a month ago, and as it's only the third day of Christmas, I have time to spare on that one.

The weather is unseasonably warm and the days are brighter than they have any right be, according to the disgruntled skiers among us.

And this is Christmas.

It's a good thing.

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