Here There Be Dragons

November 26, 2013 - 2:24pm -- swingbug

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I'm hoping since I'm singing their praises anyway, they won't mind... 

When I was at the ESRI user conference for work this past summer, I ended up talking with some of the folks from PubQuest, an app that helps you find decent beer wherever you go.  You got to love good people working towards betterment of mankind. Anyway, I downloaded the app (free, by the way) and punched in my home address for a lark. It showed me a brewery in my hometown. I laughed. I told my husband on the phone that night about this silly app that failed me with bad data, after all we don't have a brewery in Woodland. 

Except apparently we do.

Black Dragon Brewery is fairly unassuming from the outside but rather cozy on the inside, as is much of Woodland, I think. It's the sort of place where you could prop up your fuzzy feet after a sort-of-hard-day's-work pilfering mushrooms from Farmer Maggot's crop.

To put it another way, it's the kind of place at which I could see me and my geeky friends hanging out after a showing of The Hobbit where we might declare to one another, "It comes in pints?!? I'm getting one!" They have tasty snacks and good beer (I tried the Broadsword Brown and would recommend it to anyone) and large amount of homebrewing supplies, if you feel inspired to work really hard and wait a really long time for your beer. Me, I was happy hanging out at a table "helping" my husband finish his beer and eat his half of the snacks while he was distracted by the homebrewing supplies.

They also have a fair amount of dragonish art about and some creative signage. This one in particular sparked a lot of conversion with friends:

"Do you suppose that's like dragon slayers, or are they just metal fans?"

"And here I was thinking 'Buffy the Vampire _____.'"

"I expect any of the above would be acceptable."

Whichever way, the folk that run the place seem like nice folk. So if you live 'round bout these parts, check out The Black Dragon. If not, maybe PubQuest can help you find a dragon you didn't know you had. Stranger things have happened.

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