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June 4, 2012 - 9:53pm -- swingbug

I picked up the junior version of Apples to Apples over the weekend, which was an instant hit with my kid. He needs help with the occasional word but for the most part it's a great game for small fry. We don't quite have enough people in the house for a good rousing game, so a stuffed rabbit sits in as our fourth, and wins the hand more often than you'd expect.

We could argue the validity of a rabbit in the game, but that'd be comparing Hominidae to Leporidae, which doesn't seem in the spirit of the game. That being said, it's a touch demoralizing to lose to Pumpkin Bunny.

And speaking of comparing apples to apples, election tomorrow. Everyone voting? I tried extra hard to be a little less partisan this year. I made a point to really get out there and read about "the other guy" for several of the officials taking up space on my sample ballot. The end result is yet another ballot that falls right along the party line to which I'm registered. I didn't mean to, it's just that you start reading about voting records for some of these folks and it starts feeling less like comparing apples to apples, or even apples to oranges, than it does slightly bruised apples to attack of the killer tomatoes. What's a citizen to do, really?

I will say this to any local candidates out there who might be listening. If you're running to represent my area, and you don't even bother to translate your statement in the voting guide into Spanish, then you aren't representing my neighborhood particularly well and I can't see myself voting for you.

Our kitchen is over-run by kumquats. I didn't eat all the fruit I packed in my lunch today so now the sock I'm knitting smells like bananas. 

And that's all I have to say.

...All that's fruitful anyway.

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We'll gladly compete with you, Luke and the rabbit. Bring A to A to Family Camp.