January 22, 2012 - 1:03pm -- swingbug

I am currently reading a new book by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, more often known as The Yarn Harlot. I’m a big fan of Ms. Pearl-McPhee. Her book Knitting Rules is in the top five on my list of best knitting books I own. She taught me the essence of a sock, not how to make one, but how it’s made.

In this new book, in a chapter called “Temporary Treasure”, she takes the revolutionary stance that it’s good thing when treasured knit items wear out, get lost, or become irreparably damaged, because if anything we ever knit remained forever, our skill set would quickly become unnecessary in the world.

By this logic, I should be... well, perhaps not grateful, but consider it a blessing of sorts when a pair of socks go missing. I should think of it as an opportunity, a freeing of space to make more beautiful things in the world. It’s a good thing.

I can get my head around that. I can even see a nobility in it.


Nope. Sorry, Stephanie. I still hate the thieving bastard who stole my Cookie A. socks.

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You're not forming a lynch mob, so that's growth, yes? And I'm still scorched enough from the theft of YOUR sock to be thinking of not entering any knitwear in the fair this summer. It feels a bit too risky, you know?