UFO Parade

May 13, 2011 - 9:08pm -- swingbug

I haven't done a finished object blog in a long time, but it's not like I'm not knitting. So let's have a parade.

A couple at my office recently produced a set of twins so I made a set of sweaters. Incidentally my task was less time-consuming, less messy, and doesn't keep me up at night.

And did I ever show you the awesome felted bag I made before stitches? I didn't think so. That green yarn came to me all the way from Poland (thank you, Ania). And the black and grey stuff came to me all the way from KnitPicks.

I liked these socks so much I made three. And yes, I can count. I'm also stubborn. Major revelation for everyone around here, I know.

And these socks are Cookie A. socks. You can go ahead and be impressed now.

My Hidden-Mickey scarf was my travel project for quite sometime. Here it is traveling with me for beer and pizza on a Friday night.

And check this out. I made this...

And then made this...

I liked it so much, I hopped online and bought a head to go with it.

(Yes, the obvious jokes about purchasing head had occurred to me. I chose not to employ them in the name of tact. You go ahead and put your head in the gutter if you want to; my head is too expensive for that. ...Oh, stop it.)

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