Rats of Various Descriptions

April 17, 2011 - 8:15pm -- swingbug

Getting dressed on Saturday morning for our family outing took longer than usual. Luke shuffled back and forth through the box we pulled down for him, modeling different outfits and mismatching pieces before he finally decided on a Peter Pan shirt under the long tunic with the wooden sword. While he filled a pouch with coins from his piggy bank, Shawn and I took turns doing each other’s hair. Shawn hunted down various peripherals while I decided what basics I could manage to carry in a costume with no pockets what-so-ever. This is why I generally dress as a peasant. But every now and again a girl needs to wear her best tiara for something other than doing the laundry around the house, you know?

Destination: Medieval Festival

The Vacaville Medieval Fantasy Festival (formerly known as the Middle Earth Festival) is a free street festival of Tolkien-type persuasion. They make absolutely no pretense towards any sort of historical accuracy, which is refreshing. Be prepared to dance with death as the Danse Macabre group wards off the plague and in the same breath see Robin Hood walking down the street with Captain Jack Sparrow. It’s all good.

Our favorite portion of the faire has always been the musical performance of Rats in the Haggis who were sadly missing this year (no ball of yarn for me - sigh), but there are always air-borne rats to be had at the festival. Luke’s favorite part was unquestionably watching stuffed and costumed rats being flung the length of a city block with a trebuchet. And I found an armour craftsman selling hair flowers made of chain and plate mail.

Awe. Some.

One of the best parts of the day following any of these sorts of festivals is loosening the corset strings and going back to tank tops and jeans, praising women’s suffrage and refrigerators that house cold beer. Upon our return I went out back to warm up the bbq. I switched on all three burners, gave the ignitor a couple of clicks to make sure it caught, and opened up the cover. A mouse, slightly charred around the edges and flying without the requirement of a trebuchet, blew right past me and took off running full tilt into a planter.

Huh. Souvenir.

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So jealous! I haven't been to said festival since the name change. I miss the yarn store being right there, too. You all look very fine in your fancy garb. If I may venture to say, I believe it is quit apprspos for a Lady to carry a small cloth bag, or even tie it to her belt/sash....because...coin is always good to have, not to mention lip stuff and a few other THINGS.

Submitted by Chezza on

Yeaaa, You went. I thought about it, then went back to studying. One of these days I'm going to force you guys to drive all they way out there just for the Indian food. :-)