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November 11, 2009 - 9:38am -- swingbug

As previously stated I’m a pod person. When I’m not chugging through audiobooks, I’ve got my podcasts to keep me company.

As it happens, I just ripped through Ender’s Shadow and Shadow of the Hegemon is on backorder down at the local library, so I’m back to my pods and I’ve gone through just about everything I have. So I’m looking for a new podcast or two. I thought maybe if I showed you mine, you’d show me yours.

Pull One String, You Pull Them All
I’ve got three podcasts to which I listen avidly in the world of string.

  • Y Knit: This is a bay area-based podcast in the world of knitting. Always funny, excellent production value, interesting interviews, and our host hizKNITS is right around the corner from me geographically speaking, so it’s fun to hear about places and classes I might actually be able to visit. There hasn’t been a new episode in a while now and I’m hoping Y Knit doesn’t disappear. But, hizKNITS? I know all about how much work little independent undertakings for the sake of the arts community can be. So no pressure, huh? In the meantime, there are some great back episodes you can listen too. The first interview they did with the Yarn Harlot is a favorite of mine.
  • Fiber Beat: The host of Fiber Beat used to be a co-host over at Y Knit and this new show has all the same good qualities. Host WonderMike has interests beyond knitting and into spinning and other fiber concerns, thus the divergence. Lately he’s been talking about socks. I like socks.
  • Stash and Burn: And now for a horse of a different color. Nicole and Jenny run a much more casual show. No interviews or faraway travels. It’s clearly made in someone’s living room. It’s a couple of San Francisco girls who sit around and tell you about what they’re knitting and what they’re stashing. I put it on when I want to hang out with other knitters and Ania65 isn’t available for an hour-long phone call. Nicole and Jenny are good company.

Back Off, Man; I’m a Scientist

  • TWIS: Calling all TWIS minions, This Week in Science coming up next. I count on Kirsten and Justin to get me through my Tuesday mornings. My kid can sing the theme song. Kirsten and Justin keep me informed on world robot domination, climydia, and this week in the end of the world. Because they also broadcast from the local radio station, KDVS, I usually catch them live but if I miss it, the podcast bails me out.

Tell Me a Story

  • Pseudopod: Pseudopod is weekly podcast, officially of the horror persuasion, but I personally place it in the genre of dark fantasy 9 episodes out of 10. Good stuff. Not toddler approved. You get a short story once a week somewhere in the realm of a half hour long, or sometimes a bunch of flash fiction which I tend to prefer. I don’t listen every week, but every now and again, I go on binges and devour a month’s worth of episodes at once. On one of these binges a while back, I hit on a flash piece called “Exit Exam” by a guy named David Erik Nelson that was bloody fantastic. Literally. Highly recommended. The same producers also put out a Sci Fi podcast called Escape Pod. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve queued it up. Maybe it will go some paces toward relieving my current Orson Scott Card withdrawals.

And that’s what I have. I have a few others that crop up and disappear off my iTunes list, but these I’ve stuck with and enjoy. What’ve you got?

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