Proposition 8

October 28, 2008 - 9:22pm -- swingbug

My blog, on the other hand, is an entirely appropriate place for me to spout off my political point of view, so here I go. If you don’t want to hear it, log off.

I plan to vote no on Proposition 8. I respect your right to disagree with me. I respect your right to vote differently and your right to blog or display signs or otherwise promote your point of view. What I do take issue with is signs like this:
Yes on 8 = Religious Freedom
Yes on 8 = Freedom of Speech
Yes on 8 = Parental Rights

Let’s talk about what Proposition 8 is and what we’re really voting on here. Take a look at your voter information guide. It says:

Proposition 8: Eliminates right of same-sex couples to marry. Initiative constitutional amendment.
• Changes the California Constitution to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry in California.
• Provides that only marriage between a man and woman is valid or recognized in California.

For all our arguing, this is the simplest proposition on the ballot.

Currently it is legal within the state of California for two people of the same gender to enter the legal state of marriage. A “no” vote on this proposition will keep it that way. A “yes” vote will change the law so that only a man and a woman may enter the legal state of marriage. If Proposition 8 does not pass, it doesn’t mean that your kids will be taught about same sex marriage in schools. Currently there is no requirement in California for public schools to discuss marriage of any kind in the curriculum and neither outcome of this proposition will change that. If Proposition 8 does not pass, it doesn’t mean that your church has to recognize, perform, or approve of same sex marriages. It doesn’t mean that you have to like it or agree with it. It will just mean that, as it is currently, it is legal for two people of the same gender to get married in the state of California. That’s it. That’s what we’re voting on. Not parents, not kids, not freedom of speech, not freedom of religion, not freedom to wear mis-matched socks on Tuesdays. Simply the right for same sex coupled to get married. Period. That’s it.

I plan to vote no on Proposition 8. A lot of people I love are homosexual. Many of them are married. I don’t see any reason why I should have the exclusive rights to the state of marrige simply because my soul-mate happens to be male and I happen to be female. I also love many people who feel that same-sex relationships are morally wrong. I try my best to respect their right to that opinion, however, I do point out that I don’t feel that it’s the state’s job to “set an example on morality.” I would rather that the government stuck to legislation that was required to give everybody a shot at life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I personally can not see how maintaining rights to marriage between two consensual adults removes freedom from anybody.

When I vote on an issue I ask myself this question: “Who does it hurt and who does it help?” Does it effect me if Proposition 8 passes or does not pass? No, not directly. My marriage will remain legal. My family will still have dinner sometime around 6:00. I can still wear mismatched socks on Tuesday. And my friends who believe that same-sex marriages are wrong? Will it directly effect them, their marriages, their educations, their freedom to attend the religious services of their choice, or their rights to wear mis-matched socks? No, I don’t think so. What about my friends who are married to someone who happens to be of the same gender as themselves? This is going to effect them a lot. Their marriages will be annulled. That adversely effects their right to liberty, and to a large extent.

There. Wasn’t that easy?

So, I’m going to vote no on Proposition 8. For the sake of a lot of people I love who have a lot riding on this, I hope you will too. But one way or the other, please be aware of what exactly you’re voting on, and what you’re not voting on.

This is a very simple issue.

Please, everybody, cast your vote next Tuesday. Vote with conscience and with intellect.

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